Soil Vibro Tamping (SVT) Method

Improvement Principle Compaction
A method to increase the density through compaction on ground surface layer where vibration energy is transmitted from the tamper plate mounted with big vibro-hammer. There are lifting type which crawler crane is used. And the towing type which  bulldozer is used. In general, they are frequently used in cases where compaction for surface layer.
Advantages A compaction method with good workability & economical.
With the combined usages of SCP method & SVS method etc, it is possible that compaction  from subsoil deep layer to surface layer can be truly executed.
Able to select from 2 alternatives i.e, lifting or towing type depends on work conditions.
Disadvantages Vibration & noise is big.
Possible improve depth is limited to max 5m.
Improvement effect is easily affected by waterground level.
Applicable Ground Sandy ground
Objectives Reclaimed land, Liquefaction prevention, Road embankment, and Tank foundation.
Improvement Effectiveness Sandy Soil Prevent Liquefaction
Reduce Settlement
Increase Shear Strength
Cohesive Soil Not Applicable
Specification Tamping Plate Size 9m² type (3.0m x 3.0m)
4m² type (2.0m x 2.0m)
Effective Depth GL 3m ~ 5m (From Ground Surface)
Environment Vibration Big
Noise Big
Ground Displacement Comparatively Small