SCP Method on Land

Improvement Principle Compaction, Consolidation and Reinforcement
By using vibro-hammer to repeatedly driving in & withdraw the casing pipe, then again redrive in the casing to forcefully create the compacted sand piles into the ground. In sandy ground, due to the insertive effect of the sand piles, relative density of the entire ground is being increased, the shear strength is enhanced.In cohesive ground, the composite ground is formed by the mixture of sand piles & cohesive soil, thus they strengthen the ground.
Advantages Applicable to all kind of soils such as sandy soil, cohesive soil and organic soil etc.
Able to acquire the effect of compaction, enforcement & consolidation drainage simultaneously.
Able to use crushed stone and slug etc. as fill material.
Possible to execute deep improvement by big construction machine.
Disadvantages Vibration and noise is big.
Displacement of surrounding ground is great.
Construction machine is big, hence separate measures are necessary for very soft ground.
Applicable Ground Mostly all types of soil such as sandy soil, cohesive soil, and organic soil etc.
Objectives Structural Foundation,Prevent Settlement,Prevent Slip Circle,Prevent Liquefaction
Improvement Effectiveness Cohesive Soil Increase Strength
Reduce settlement
Suppress Shear Deformation
Sandy Soil: Reduce Settlement
Prevent Liquefaction
Specification Standard Pile Diameter Ø 700mm
Pile Arrangement
Square Triangle ,Parallogram , Rectangle
Pile Spacing 1.1m ~ 2.8m
Improvement Rate 5% ~ 30 %
Penetration Depth Max GL -40m
Penetration Strength Max N-value < 20
Material Sand , Crushed stone , Slug , Recycle material etc.
Environment Vibration Big
Noise Big
Ground Displacement Big