SCP Method at Sea

Improvement Principle Compaction, Consolidation and Reinforcement
An improvement method whereby strong compacted sand piles are created in ground to form composite ground at cohesive soil. This increases the shear resistant strength, and at the same time, it stabilises early settlement to reduce the consolidation settlement rate. For sandy ground, it increases the relative density, thus enhances the shear strength.
Advantages Applicable to all kind of soils such as sandy soil, cohesive soil and organic soil etc.
Able to acquire the effect of compaction, enforcement & consolidation drainage simultaneously.
Able to use crushed stone and slug etc. as fill material.
Possible to execute deep improvement by big construction machine.
Disadvantages Vibration and noise is big.
Upheave happens by installation of SCP.
Possibility that water can be polluted during installation.
Applicable Ground Mostly all types of soil such as sandy soil, cohesive soil, and organic soil etc.
Objectives Structural Foundation,Prevent Settlement,Prevent Slip Circle,Prevent Liquefaction
Improvement Effectiveness Sandy Soil Increase Shear Strength
Prevent Liquefaction
Reduce Settlement
Cohesive Soil Promote consolidation
Reduce Residual Settlement
Increase Shear Strength
Specification Standard Pile Diameter Ø1000mm ~ 2000mm
Pile Arrangement
Square , Triangle , Parallogram , Rectangle
Pile Spacing 2.0m ~ 4.2m
Improvement Rate 20% ~ 80 %
Penetration Depth Max GL -50m
Penetration Strength Max N-value < 20
Material Sand , Crushed stone , Slug , Recycle material
Environment Vibration Big
Noise Big
Ground Displacement Big