Sand Drain at Sea (Sea SD) Method

Improvement Principle Consolidation and Drainage
A method where multiple sand piles are constructed under the seabed by using the specific sand piling barge. It is one of the most typical vertical drain method executed at sea. In recent year, the piling barge is moving towards bigger capacity, and now the specific barge with 12 pile drivers has become the main force.
Advantages Construction cost is comparatively cheaper than other method.
Work construction by specific barge with multiple drivers (12 drivers), hence the construction production is tremendous, therefore mass volume, rapid construction is made possible.
The introduction of computerized system enable the construction work to be done automatically.
Disadvantages Need for consolidation untouched period until settlement coverage.
Vibration & noise is big
Applicable Ground Cohesive soil, and organic soil.
Objectives Shore Protection, Promote Settlement
Improvement Effectiveness Cohesive Soil Promote consolidation
Increase shear strength
Sandy Soil Not Applicable
Specification Standard Pile Diameter Ø 400mm – Ø 1000mm
Pile Arrangement
Square, Triangle ,Parallelogram
Pile Spacing 2.5m x 2.5m ~ 2.5m x 1.6m
Penetration Depth Max WL -45m
Penetration Strength Max N-value < 15
Material Sand
Environment Vibration Big
Noise Big
Ground Displacement Small ( Except the displacement by consolidation settlement )