Deep Vibro (DV) Method

Improvement Principle Compaction
A method whereby the lateral vibration energy is produced by the large volume vibrator (vibro-flot) which is mounted at the tip of the steel rod to compact the ground and the fill material in low vibration and low noise level.
Advantages Vibration & noise are small, adjacent ground displacement too is less. Hence, it is able to construct work in town area and also near to existing structures.
Construction machine is compact type, hence it is able to execute work at narrow area.
Able to use soil generated from site as supplied materials.
Disadvantages Construction of production is low as compared to the method that is using the vibro-hammer. Hence, the construction cost is slightly higher.
Penetration capacity is small as compared to vibro hammer type.
Material supply volume is managed in each pile. It cannot be managed by one meter unit such as SCP.
Applicable Ground Loose Sandy Soil
Objectives Liquefaction prevention near existing structure
Improvement Effectiveness Sandy Soil Prevent Liquefaction
Reduce Settlement
Increase Shear Strength
Cohesive Soil Not Applicable
Specification Standard Pile Diameter φ650mm (Conversion Dia)
Pile Arrangement
Square; Equiatral triangle; Parallelogram; Rectangular.
Pile Spacing 1.3m ~ 2.6m
Improvement Rate 5% ~ 20 %
Penetration Depth Max GL -20m
Penetration Strength Max N-value < 15
Material Sand, Crushed Stone, Slug, Recycle Material, Local soil etc.,
Environment Vibration Comparatively small
Noise Comparatively small
Ground Displacement small