To develop deeper relationship with people
To challenge the technology development with a deeper research skill
To deepen the development beyond the seabed

Development To have an innovative technology development
Enable To develop a mindset that could overcome any challenges that comes your way
Environment To create rich global environment
Pleasure To share the joy with your employees, their immediate families and the surrounding people

We were established as a salvage company and have experience in soil improvement work at sea and on land. We had participated in various projects in improvement of social structure.
As time passes, the market trend has changed greatly but the 「Contribution to Nation Development」 is a motto established in our business DNA.
「To repay an obligation to the sea project」has been formed up within our company, to repay kindness to marine environment, ocean energy etc.
We are pursuing initiatives that correspond to social growing need.
Being the professional engineer, we will also continue to meet customer needs. We will continue our contribution to create an environment where people can live with a peace of mind.
Moving forward to a deeper… Nippon Kaiko