Cement Deep Mixing (CDM) – LODIC Method

Improvement Principle Solid
The quantity of soil that has been displaced with similar volume of the cement slurry that has been filled during the penetrating & withdrawing of screw which is installed at the top-side of the mixer blade. CDM Method is displacement reduction type that is able to construct work without affecting the surronding ground & existing structures.
Advantages Little effect to surrounding ground & existing structures due to soil displacement during penetration & withdraw
Able to select from 3 options ( i.e. 2.17m², 2.56m² & 2.01m²) in accordance to site condition.
Disadvantages Construction cost is high as compared to compaction method.
Unable to perform installation work close to structures due to mechanical stirrer.
Disposal discharge soil of displaced soil is required.
Applicable Ground Mostly all types of soil such as sandy soil, cohesive soil, and organic soil etc.
Objectives Structural Foundation, Prevent Slip Circle, Prevent Settlement, Prevent Liquefaction
Improvement Effectiveness Cohesive Soil Increase Strength
Reduce Settlement
Suppress Shear Deformation
Sandy Soil Reduce Settlement
Prevent Liquefaction
Specification Pile Cross Section Area 1.50m² , 2.17m² , 2.56m²
Pile Arrangement
Block Type , Wall Type , Square Type , Pile Type
Pile Spacing 1.1m ~ 2.8m
Improvement Rate 20% ~ 100 %
Penetration Depth Max GL -40m(1.50m² )
Penetration Strength Max N-value <15 ( 1.50m² )
Material Cement Slurry
Environment Vibration Small
Noise Small
Ground Displacement Almost nothing